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"Building future leaders through educating minority youth in technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership" 

About Us

About Us

We empower students to be successful entrepreneurs

We will empower you by equipping you with the skills to be a successful entrepreneur and by connecting you with other young entrepreneurs who can provide great mentoring services. 

We expose minority youth students to tech & STEM education 

We educate underserved youth in technology & STEM courses such as Coding, Robotics, Game Design, Engineering, and Cybersecurity. 

We expose youth to leadership and real world skills
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We focus on equipping our youth with real world life skills that will empower them to develop critical thinking skills and become well rounded leaders. 

We offer the following youth mentoring programs for (ages 11-17): 

4 Week Kidpreneur Start-Up program:  

Summary: This program is for students (ages 11-17) who want to start a business and need help with identifying their business ideas and establishing their business. 

Week 1: Business formation and brainstorm list 

Week 2: Start-up costs and seeking business funding 

Week 3: Advertisning your business 

Week 4: Business creation 


Summary: This program is for students who have an existing business but are looking to gain mentoring services to grow their business. 

Phase 1: Free educational resources for your business 

Phase 2: Establishing a competitive advantage 

Phase 3: Strategically building a team 

Phase 4: Strategically funding your business 

JME Mentoring program 



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